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We carry a wide-variety of many different strains of dry cannabis flower. Whether you’re looking for a hard-hitting AAAAA indica to help you relax at the end of the day or a great daytime sativa, we’ve got you covered. The diverse cannabis strains we carry have all been carefully selected to offer a variation in your smoking experience. We grade our different strains from AAAAA being the strongest and hardest hitting all the way down to -A to make it easy for you to pick which strain suits you best


If you’re someone who prefers ingesting their THC over smoking, we got the right choices for you. We have multiple flavors of chocolate bars,  rice crispy and even THC power for your tea!


These pens have the full cannabinoid spectrum all natural cannabis terps a change from distillate pens.  Made with phyto shatter these pens are the top quality pens 6ixsepnsary has ever hosted. Try one today!